Brooke Fitchen

Brooke's path to yoga began as a dancer just lookin' for a new way to move. Today, her path to discovery continues to grow and her fiery commitment to learning remains unstoppable.

 Brooke's dynamic classes center on a creative flow influenced by the eclectic yoga styles that she has practiced, studied and taught. Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa and, most recently, Forest Yoga. 

Brooke feels it is vital for her students to come to the mat with an "intention" for their practice that needs to be fueled by movement of the body or mediation of the mind. Her spirited classes are sure to enlighten both. 

 Continually creating, Brooke  strives to bring her students to a place where all things stop... and they have no choice but to "tune in" as they become in sync with their breath and their heart. 
Open, grow and learn the art of listening to your inner teacher as Brooke guides you through an... Inspired Flow!
Hot Lava
Tue. @ 4:30
($8 Happy Hour Class)

Inspired Flow
Sat.  @  11:30 amYoYoYogi_-_Portland_Yoga_Studio_-_Inspired_Flow.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0

YoYo Yogi      1306 NW Hoyt Street, Suite 101     Portland     OR    97209      503-688-5120 

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